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Ecostoof – Super simple

Put ingredients in your pan, bring to the boil and stop in the Ecostoof®. Suitable for any type of pan. In the insulating Ecostoof® the food stays so hot that it cooks automatically, without energy and without burning. Time for yourself!

Super Simple

Your food will cook automatically


Retains all its flavour

Super Eco

No use of energy

What can I prepare with the Ecostoof?

The Ecostoof® is suitable for preparing almost all ingredients: meat, fish, vegetables, potatoes, fruits, rice, couscous, legumes and even yogurt. You can also make delicious desserts such as Apple Compote and Stewed Pears.

he cooking time depends on the dish between 30 and 45 minutes. Obviously longer for pulled pork.


How can I use the Ecostoof®?

You can use the Ecostoof for all kinds of dishes and occasions, look at recipes for more information. The Ecostoof is also very suitable for outdoor activities such as camping and picnics. More inspiration and recipes can be found in the Langzaam Lekker cookbook. You can also order the cookbook on this site.


Advantages of the Ecostoof

Maximum taste, good structure, super simple, no worries, ecological, no stress and safe are the advantages.


How and what is the Ecostoof made of?

The Ecostoof is made primarily of linen and wool and recycled textiles. Linen has a low environmental impact during production, unlike cotton (source: Milieu Centraal ). Linen is also more environmentally friendly than organic cotton.
In the bottom is a bottom plate made of cork. Cork is one of the most sustainable organic materials and is heat insulating. Inside the Ecostoof there is a reflective textile layer in the lid. In combination with the filling, this is an optimum of heat-insulating and heat-reflecting properties.


What do I do if a stain appears?

You can wash the Ecostoof by hand at a maximum of 30 degrees. Do not spin. It is advisable to place a loose protective cloth in the Ecostoof so that it stays clean longer.


Can the Ecostoof withstand hot pans?

The linen cover can withstand high temperatures. We recommend wrapping the hot pan with a tea towel and then placing it in the Eco Stove. The Ecostoof is not suitable for temperatures well above 100 degrees, for example deep-frying pans.


Read here what journalists wrote:

“My newest addition is an Eco-oven. The stove is nothing more, and nothing less, than a contemporary version of the good old hay box: a warm nest in which you can let food continue without fuel consumption. The designers have thought carefully about the execution, from the filling to the heat-insulating cork in the bottom and the processing of heat-reflecting material in the lid. ”

Read the entire article about the Ecostoof here.

Janneke Vreugdenhil

Culinair Journalist, NRC

“You place your warm pan with a short-cooked or baked content in this out-of-model hat, to enjoy a well-cooked dish a little later. You can also pull stock in it. Another advantage can be gained with the Ecostoof: we make the people of Groningen happy. ”

Marie Louise Schipper

Culinair Journalist, Volkskrant

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