The Haybox

The haybox has traditionally been used to save fuel during cooking. In its original form it was a wooden box, filled with hay, in which some space was saved for one or more pans. The advantages of using a haybox were:


  • Fuel savings
  • More efficient use of the limited amount of fuel in many households back in the day.
  • Preventing burning and overcooking food
  • The heat is evenly spread throughout the pan.B

Until right after the Second World War, the haybox was a common means of cooking. When the Netherlands started using gas, there was an abundance of energy. The haybox fell into disuse. Until the Netherlands discovered the Ecostoof!

What a haybox looked like

Above a picture of a carpented haybox from 1940. To the right a haybox made out of fabric and isolating materials from approximately 1950. At the bottom the modern haybox, the Ecostoof. 


Ecostoof, the modern haybox


What is the Ecostoof?

The Ecostoof is the old haybox but completely modernized. The Ecostoof enables you to cook dishes without the use of gas or electricity. The food becomes tastier because it is cooked at lower temperatures. Cooking in the Ecostoof is easy because, once in the Ecostoof, you don’t have to worry about it anymore. The Ecostoof takes up less space than a haybox and is optimized for insulation. It is light and also very cosy.

Who is this modern haybox for?

It is for anyone who loves good food and easy cooking. And for anyone who likes to save energy.

How does it work?

Cook the food for 5-10 minutes. Then place the pan with lid in the Ecostoof and pull the cord tight:



How to use the modern haybox

How to use the Ecostoof?
Each ingredient has its own cooking and stewing time in the Ecostoof. Consult the diagram to the right for the cooking and stewing times of the most common ingredients. If you want more information, go to recipes. In our webshop you will find the Ecostoof and additional kitchen linen. You will soon discover the endless possibilities, including for instance yoghurt!



How much energy can I save using the Ecostoof or haybox?

With regular use, you can save up to 1/3 of the energy you use for cooking. Money-wise, this means you can earn back the purchase of the Ecostoof in 2-3 years.

We’ve also performed a life cycle analysis of the possible CO2 savings. You can save a net amount of 65,3 kg CO2 during 5 years by using the Ecostoof.

If 1% of the households in Europe would use an Ecostoof, it would save approximately 1.5 million x 14 kg CO2 = 21,000 tons of CO2 equivalent per year. The amount of CO2 saved would be comparable to the CO2 emissions of 2200 times driving a car around the world.


Buy a haybox

Can I buy a haybox?

Yes you can! You can buy the Ecostoof in our webshop, together with kitchen accessories. Visit our webshop!


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