Granola breakfast on Aruba

This morning. my first thougt was: is it still raining? Today the sky is gray and the clouds seem to have decided to turn our small country into a big puddle. In these rainy late winterdays there’s only one thing I’d truly like to do: run away to a sunny, dry and preferably warm place, even if it’s just in my mind. Lucky me, today is the day I’m starting my blog! Let’s dream away and talk about the Ecostoof on an island in the sun. Aruba, a wonderful place where I was lucky enough to be able to do research for my thesis about the socio-ecological importance of mangroves.

Alright, imagine: you wake up and the first thing you hear is the wind in the palm trees. The sun creeps in through the window to shine some light onto your swimsuit. You put it there so it could dry overnight, but now it seems to ask you: when are we swimming again? When are we going back to the sea, to sit with your toes in the sand and your dushi next to you? Maybe you could have your breakfast on the beach…a picnic and a morning swim, is there a better way to start the day?

Yes, breakfast! We’re getting to the interestnig part, meaning we’ll add some flavour to this already delicious image. Of all meals I love breakfast most. I even have a favourite breakfast and it’s a little holy to me. My favourite breakfast is yogurt with granola, nuts, fruits and (call me a lunatic or a genius) a little bit of peanutbutter.

Who am I?

Hi! I’m…a generalist. I’m an epicurean. I’m a softy but I’m strong. I love broccoli and chocolate (but not combined) and I’ve been caught a little too often saying ‘omnomnom’ when I’m eating something I like. I’m also Iris’ daughter -one of the founders of Ecostoof- and therefore I’ve been sitting on the first row to watch this adventure unfold. I’ve lived through every experiment, victory, failure, enhancement and creative project (a lot can happen in a small company) and as a result I have 1001 stories to tell you! Oh, I also really like writing and my name is Linde. I hope you’ll enjoy this blog as much as I do! 

You can find all these ingredients in the island’s supermarkets, but as Aruba imports most of its products a simple meal can get quite pricey. I looked it up and a liter of greek yogurt can cost up to 7 euros! A liter of milk, however, can be found for only two euros. That’s why I’d advise anyone on Aruba (and anyone who loves yogurt, cooking, experimenting or simply the Ecostoof) to make your own yogurt out of milk, using the Ecstoof! (Yogurt from the Ecostoof? Exactly! I surprised you, didn’t I?)  

This is where you find the yogurt recipe

Combine your yogurt with granola, nuts, seeds, (Aruban or your local) honey, papaya, (baked) banana, pineapple, the beach, the top of the Hooiberg, your dushi, a batido (smoothie) or, if you’re staring at grey skies like me, with sunny summerdreams!

Were you surprised you could make yogurt in the Ecostoof? Would you like to know if your favorite breakfast can also be prepared in the Ecostoof? Let me know because I love to cook and write about your ideas, tips and challenges!


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